Baptism to the Glory of Christ

This message seeks to consider baptism to the glory of Christ; to understand baptism according to the Scripture, with the conviction that baptism exists to make much of Christ. Christ is worthy of our intentionality in every practice. It is our joyful duty to maintain a sensitive evaluation of ourselves and all that we do, especially as touching the official practices of Christ’s church. The question that we, as His body, must keep before us at all times is, why do we do what we do (the way we do it). Maintenance of the why question is essential to the heart of our worship. Christ is worthy of the self-examination of every local church in this matter. Moreover, Christ is worthy of our most God-fearing, humble, and biblically tenacious scholarship in pursuit of the most God-honoring understanding and practice of baptism. This message aims to: (a) encourage a biblical understanding of baptism (for all); (b) encourage the joyful pursuit of baptism (for unbaptized believers); and (c) encourage a renewal of devotion among the baptized.
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