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A brief history of our church.


TBC LogoTrinity Bible Church, of Gilroy, began out of a desire to hear God's word preached faithfully, verse by verse, expositionally, after careful exegesis by the pastor/teacher. We wanted a church that had a high view of God's word, one that believed in a literal interpretation of it, and one that was confident that in His word, one could find the answers to everyday problems and issues. We trusted and admired The Master's Seminary, led by John MacArthur, and the training which its faculty provided men wishing to become pastors.

Pastor Robert Achilles, a TMS trained pastor, was called to be the founding pastor of TBC September, 1988. The call came from a group of twelve families who shared the same desire described above. Morning and evening services began in October of that year, and were initially held in the home of one of the families. Another of the families owned a building in Gilroy, into which the church moved in January, 1989. tbc-old-building This was generously provided for a lease of one dollar per year. Services were held there, morning and evening for 18 months. TBC moved to its location on Tomkins Ct. in Gilroy in June 1991, where 90% of the "buildout" was performed by men and women of the church body. Only the plumbing was sub-contracted out. Because the city would not let us occupy until several final inspections had been made and signed off on, services actually were held outside in the adjacent parking lot the first two Sundays after the move, just adding to the excitement and anticipation. Several years later, another section of the building was leased, and that buildout too was completely accomplished by those people God provided in the church body.

Pastor Achilles served faithfully for 13 years, retiring to the position of Pastor Emeritus in 2001. Over the years, a conscious decision was made by the leaders and the church body to continue leasing the space we needed, rather than starting a building fund. That money was spent on missions, focused largely on support of Slavic Gospel Association, and its ministries in the Soviet Union, and subsequently the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). In so doing, we were able to send Pastor Achilles and others for teaching ministries there a total of 15 times, including one 7 days after the 9/11 attack. (He and his wife Judy were actually sitting in their plane, waiting to take off from San Jose Airport, when the pilot was notified that all flights across the country had been canceled. Their flight that next week was not crowded, needless to say).

Pastor Achilles provided tremendous teaching of God's word over those years, and established a tradition which has been maintained and built upon by subsequent pastors.

After enjoying 20 years in Gilroy, we moved to Morgan Hill  in November of 2009.  In June of  2013, we purchased a building and completely remodeled it to serve as our church home.  During the time of construction, Community Christian in Morgan Hill generously allowed us to conduct our Sunday worship service at their facility.  After several years of construction, carried out mainly by dedicated volunteers sacrificing Saturdays to work on the building project, in January 2017 we passed our final inspection and were able to start a new season of worship in our church home.  Though our locations have changed throughout the years, our dedication to rightly dividing God's Word continues to be steadfast!


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