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A brief statement describing our mission and ministry vision.

Purpose Statement

We are committed to a biblical philosophy of ministry. Our vision as a local assembly of the universal body of Christ is focused on worshipping God through the progress of the Gospel in us, our community, and world. Progress of the Gospel includes the encouragement, equipping, exhortation, and edification of Christ's church for the promotion of Christ in the lives of those whom He, in His good providence, has brought into our fellowship and promotion of Christ in the world at large—beginning in our own communities of Gilroy, San Martin, Morgan Hill, and San Jose.

We aspire to grow our biblical counseling ministry. We aspire to expand our ministry to homeschoolers and co-ops and beyond, with the hope of potentially pursuing the ministry of quality Christian education in the form of a Christian school. We plan to continue with increasing support for our ministries to the disabled, sick, aged, and suffering. We aspire to grow ministries that reach out to local correctional facilities and care shelters. We are growing in our participation in global as well as local missionary efforts.

Worshiping, making disciples, practicing the ordinances of Christ, studying the word of God, preaching and teaching, co-participating in the life of the Gospel ministry, praying, investing in the lives of people through discipleship and leadership development, service, encouragement, support, accountability, assistance, and love will remain our commission--the abounding of which will remain our vision.

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